WordPress Hosting & its benefits

WordPress is a popular platform that is generally used by bloggers and small business owners. WordPress Hosting is mainly made for WordPress websites. And hosting your website with its own specific hosting service will give you more advantage to your business. So basically this is the hosting service made for WordPress users to provide the best tools for better and easy performance. It provides everything that you need to set up your business on the internet.

Features of WordPress Hosting

No doubt, WordPress gives everything that a business or blog needs. Mostly, people prefer this platform for website building. Because it’s easy to operate, maintain and upgrade. You can easily make websites and edit or update it. You can have extra benefits by taking its own hosting service. WP hosting provides better speed and security than others and manages the technical activities itself. Gives fast, secure and authentic service. They manage your search engine ranking, social media and email traffic in the same navigation bar and gives control to you. Provides analytic features, views user behavior and maintains all the reports required to manage traffic.

Types of WordPress Web Hosting

Types Of WordPress Hosting

You usually see two types of WordPress Hosting in your result.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

In shared WordPress hosting, you will get the server that is shared with other websites. It’s cheaper than managed. Here you get only some facilities and big changes cannot be made. This hosting is less expensive and offers discounts.

Managed WordPress hosting is the Best WordPress Server service. Here we get features like:

  • Fast speed. Managed WordPress hosting offers good hardware service which improves speed and makes the website faster.
  • Server-side training. Getting training from time to time when you want can really improve your website. Managed WordPress hosts provide coaching to manage your website.
  • Superior security. They will provide you WordPress specific firewalls, malware scans. That means you have a secured website.
  • Staging site. They provide a staging site which helps you to check the changes you want in your site. It is independent of the live site. Users cannot see the changes that you tasted in the staging site.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Benefits

Let’s talk about the benefits of WordPress Hosting

Starting from minimum package $2.95/mo we get.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unmetered webspace
  • Unlimited emails.
  • WordPress auto-install.
  • Free WordPress themes.
  • Real-time malware scanner.
  • Inbuilt CSS optimizer.
  • Unlimited databases.

WordPress Hosting Providers

Here are some WordPress Hosting Providers. Who are giving the best offers:

  • Bluehost:- It starts with $2.95/mo.(shared) and $29.99/mo.(managed). It is best for WordPress Server. trusted by millions of website owners. It provides the best service for WordPress.with complete tools and themes. Which are easy to use. It provides full scalability and reliability. Even you can change your host if you don’t like the service of the current host. It is more compatible.
  • SiteGround:- It starts at $11.95/mo. And provides shared hosting with managed qualities.
  • DreamHost:- It costs $4.95/mo. For shared and $19.95/mo. For managed.
  • A2 HOSTING:- It costs $7.99/mo for shared and $24.46/mo. For managed.

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