Web Developer: A great career option to choose in IT sector

Web Developer: A great career option to choose in IT sector

With the increasing demand of internet in the field of education, business, entertainment and many others, the needs of a web developer are hiking day by day. Web development is a wide term whose work involves developing websites for the internet, or a private network.  A web programmer is a professional who writes codes, builds the web pages, and plan the website layout and navigation.  Web developers are experts in programming languages and have very good command over HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. it’s an advantage to know a server-side programming language such as PHP, .NET, JAVA.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Should be expert in the core web development scripting language such as JavaScript, PHP, and CSS.
  • Utilize site improvement (SEO) to create sites that rank high in Google, Bing, and so on
  • Create sites that associate with famous database frameworks like MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.
  • Use wireframes to design the format, navigation, and functionality of new web development ventures.
  • Some web engineers are in charge of planning a web site’s designs and multimedia elements.
  • Should have the basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization process.


Education Qualifications:

To pursue in this field the candidate has to hold the bachelor’s degree related to computer science. Their coursework includes programming, database management, web design, networking, and mathematics.  Work experience can add advantage to this profession. The candidate should know all the basic programs and scripting language. They should possess a good communication skill.


Types of Web Developers:

  1. Front-End Developers:

They code the front end of the websites. To code the websites they use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The code which they write runs inside the user’s browser. The aim of planning a site is to ensure that whenever the user opens up the site they see the data which is easy to read and informative.

  1. Back –End Developers:

They are responsible for building out the server site in web applications. They concentrate on the inner working of the web applications. They create data storage solution with the database. They use the server side scripting language such as RUBY, PHP.

  1. Full Stack Developers:

Full stack development alludes to the development of both front end and back end of an application. This process involves the three layers database layer, business logic layer, presentation layer. They write optimized front-end code in HTML, Java, and JavaScript. They are proficient in project management and client coordination.

  1. JavaScript Developers:

A JavaScript engineer is in charge of implementing the front-end logic that characterizes the conduct of the visual components of a web application. A JavaScript engineer is also responsible for interfacing this with the services that reside on the back-end. They are highly analytical professionals.

  1. eCommerce Developer:

eCommerce web hosting developer is responsible both front-end and back-end development including creating themes and plugins. For this profile, the candidate must possess the knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript (JS) and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).

  1. PHP Developer:

They are in charge of developing programs, applications, and websites using the scripting language PHP. They are highly skilled professionals who create various applications. The professionals are highly analytical, with a good problem- solving skills. PHP developer creates user interfaces or they work behind the scene. Their duties include website administrations, user training, software testing.

  1. .NET Developer:

They are the professionals who produce code by using .NET Languages. They upgrade, debug and configure the existing system. They provide technical support for desktop, web, and mobile applications. Professionals are familiar with SQL Server, ASP.NET framework.

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