Explainer video need for ADs Marketing

Video advertisement important for Marketing

There is no end to advertising because if you stop advertising, you are likely to lose your potential audience. Marketing is fundamental for advertising to keep your brand in talk of your prospects. A unique way of marketing is what every marketer tries to find out in a bid to attract more people.

Planning a marketing campaign is not enough until you implement it religiously. If you want to be identified, you have to be unique, punctual, and insightful, which makes you stand out from your competitors. When you offer something that attracts eyes, you are likely to be followed and analyzed at the core.

Amongst all types of marketing, Digital Marketing is running at full throttle. Why not? Video Marketing has taken it to the next level through animation and motion graphics. Video production companies are holding reins because of increasing demand for videos, no matter what the type is.

How Videos help in Digital Marketing

Videos improve sales and conversion. According to a recent study, you can improve the conversion rate up to 80% by adding a product video on your landing page.

Videos enhance trust and reliability of your brand. When a customer engages with your brand, they are likely to share their views about you with others. 57% of consumers confirm that they prefer to watch a short video to figure out more about products rather than walking over lengthy content.

Videos help boost search engine rankings. A high average span rate is all that a marketer expects. Following Google’s algorithms and updates help you optimize your website, content, and videos which further lead to high search engine rankings. Statistics reveal that you are 53 times more likely show up on the first page of Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

Videos connect well with mobile users. A recent YouTube report claims that mobile video consumption will increase by 100% in 2018. Viewers like to watch videos on the go; therefore, the number of smartphone users is increasing along with the radius of online viewers.

Five Secrets to Boosting your Advertisement through Video Marketing

  • Follow the inbound methodology that is your video should be customer-centric not sales centric. Keep the tone of your video emotional so that it impacts the senses of viewers which will trigger them to take actions.
  • You have just 10 seconds to express the core of your business. Make sure you bang on in those precious seconds and achieve your end goal that is a call to action.
  • Stand out from your competitors with your exclusive approach. Don’t bore your audience by sticking to commonality. If they have clicked on your video, they expect something unique and reliable which can solve their pain points.
  • SEO is vital to keep people coming back to your videos. Stuff your keywords in the description of your video while optimizing it fully according to Google’s algorithms( Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird).
  • A picture speaks more than words. Implement it in your videos. Keep your content crisp and add value to it through graphics. This will make your vision clearer, and you can expect to receive high conversions and queries.

You can also take the help of paid video advertisement on Google AdWords or bing ads. Your video ads reach to more people and generate excitement to know about your website. You can also run your ads at the discounted price on Bing search engine by using Bing ads coupon.

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Danish Wadhwa is a marketing expert with more than six years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He is passionate about Digital Marketing and helps marketers to get the worth of their marketing efforts.

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