Trends To Shape Mobile Applications Development In 2021

As technology with time has progressed, application development has reached new heights. More and more applications are developed each day. Starting with 2D applications to introducing virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cloud technologies, mobile applications have come a long way.

As a result, mobile apps have successfully captured all the market. Users with the constant and innovative development of mobile applications have become more intrigued about the next step or expansion mobile application development is going to announce. Users have become smarter and expect businesses to introduce new, engaging applications that have never been introduced before.

Mobile Application Development Trends

To understand more about mobile application development trends, below is the list of trends that are going to shape mobile application development in 2021.

Market Of Smart Apps:

With artificial intelligence being a starter with the start, there is absolutely no doubt that AI is going to play a major in application development throughout the year 2021.
As proof that Artificial Intelligence is going to be one of the top trends to watch out for for 2021, it is mentioned in Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2021. Industry giants on the other hand also know that intelligence apps are going to be one of the most demanded apps, therefore these companies are betting big on the emergence of AI in the mobile space. In a speech in October, Apple’s COO Jeff Williams in a speech has also defined and talked about the new A11 Bionic chip as a “neural engine,” which is a processor modeled based on how our brains work. This is the same chip that is used in iPhone X and will surely be used additionally in the coming Apple products to be released next year. Not to forget, Samsung is also investing heavily in artificial intelligence, and to adequately respond to quickly changing markets, it is going to open a new research center.


Google is also hoping its $400M acquisition of Deep-Mind on the platform of android will invest heavily on both its mobile apps and personal assistants to give their Pixel line of phones a leg up on the competition. These entire giant companies taking place and making such innovative progress only show how predictive apps will be made according to the users’ needs, preferences, and actions. If we look at music apps right now, they are not smart enough to realize what kind of music customers like at different times of the day. With AI taking place, the music app built on it will be able to understand the tempo, music choices, genre, and favorite artists of the users during specific times of the day. Apps with AI systems inaugurated will be able to personalize the music choices of the user which will further save their time of putting the information themselves. AI in apps is going the change the way users think and use the apps now. AI in apps will also be able to play music according to the location of a user, so if the user wants to commute and it is going to take a longer time than usual, the app will understand the user’s choice of music according to the period of the commute.

Security Smarts Are Critical:

Apps to get smarter with the help of AI are not the only thing that needs to take place, they need to get smart in terms of security as well. The days are gone when the user had to worry about viruses or malware attacking their desktop. Since people prefer smartphones the most, these devices for most people have become the only smart device which they use. 2021 is the year where mobile apps are going to change the landscape of how people think and use an app. But with smartphones getting better each day, the hackers are getting smarter too, they also know to which devices users have moved. And therefore viruses and work on malware have become far better than before.

If we talk about the recent hack, the WhatsApp lookalike app tricked millions of users to download the app from the Google Play store. These types of hacks because easily infiltrate into mobile devices, making the device enable to control all the user’s data and easily hack it. The big giants are constantly fighting this battle and making their platform secured enough that no hacker will be able to hack it. 2021 is all about apps taking place which means a high level of security is required. Throughout the year, apps are expected to go under threat defense. Therefore to bring more AI into application development, companies have already started working on flaws and are detecting threats. Android is the dominating operating system that it is, works on multi-device integration. But keeping the android devices protected from malware and viruses is critical as android is the biggest platform out there, therefore the security procedures it requires are of high level.

  • For Enhancing An IoT

    Another trend that is going to take place in 2021 is the deeper integration of IoT devices in application development. To understand this, around 15 Amazon Echo devices have been sold up till now in September this year. It is also expected that app designers will have a number of incentives to integrate IoT devices throughout this year. With the immense change that technology has brought, companies are becoming smarter and have started to rely more on automation than ever before. Different apps based on Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality has been taking place in the market. Companies are getting more into IoT games by offering smart locks, and artificial intelligence.

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