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Top 10 fantastic trends in mobile application development

Top 10 fantastic trends in mobile application development

The world is going mobile. 2018 sets the beginning of new era in the digital world – mobile-first. Having mobile-first approach is longer a nice-to-have channel but rather it is the new marketing phenomenon.

Therefore, you will have to look out for what is good your business applications and what you should include in your apps.

Following 10 points will help you dive into the mobile-first world confidently.

The internet of things

PR Newswire report reveals that the internet of things will be worth $561.04 billion in 2020.

Hence, the growing application requires companies to produce IOT-supported mobile applications in Dubai. As time goes by, applications are becoming smarter, therefore, high level of programming is required to develop apps for sensors and devices.

BYOD is easier than ever

BYOD continues to gain momentum and it is going to easier for businesses to control their data security.

It goes without saying that data security has been a longstanding issue that now can be resolved with the help of mobile applications comprising of strong security protocols.

Mobile payments

Mobile payment is an easy way to make a transaction. With Android Pay, Google Wallet or Apple Pay, online transactions had never become this easy before.

But, the security of online transactions is where the shoe pinches. Now, the challenge for developers and app development companies is to develop high-end applications that convenient, fast and user-friendly.

Cross-platform native app development

As more and more devices and platforms are being launched, it is increasingly becoming a challenge to integrate the content and manage security.

Moving in 2018, companies require creative applications that can provide them with cross-platform performance.

Wearable apps market

The wearable industry is growing rapidly. From exercise apps to all types of communication bots, wearable apps market is pushing developers and development agencies to innovate new designs and functionalities into their mobile apps.

Lazy loading sounds fun

While it is true that lazy loading has an adverse on the performance of an app, it increasingly sounds fun for users as it consumes lesser memory. The start-up is also improved. As it is going to a popular trend in 2018, collaborate with your app developers and creative directors to come up with an innovative idea.

Blockchain mobile applications

Blockchain currency is a futuristic growing phenomenon that is likely to overtake all money transactions. As this is the right time to tap into this young industry, you should be creating mobile applications for Blockchain. It will not only enable your business to lead the industry but also create a new source of revenues.

AR in mobile apps

It goes without saying that AR on mobile is the entirely amazing experience. Creating AR-supported mobile applications help brands to provide their customer’s engagement experiences.

Virtual reality apps

There is a boom in the virtual reality apps market. 2018 provides companies with opportunities to create VR apps and boost their revenues exponentially.

Enterprise apps

Enterprise-level apps help big businesses to create frictionless business processes, manage resources effectively and provide utmost data security.

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