Reasons Why You Need Security while doing Social Activities

The boom of social media in our life has changed the way we think and share information with the people. Millions and millions of people each day share pictures, videos, text and audio-visual messages via social media to their friends, relatives, colleagues and sometimes to their friends that they met just through social media. Sharing information, data (information – audio-visual or images) is a matter of security. Every time you log in a social media account, you input your secret information there, but how would you know whether your shared and shareable information is secure? Let us discuss that.

Why Security or Privacy Matters Most?

Now the question certainly comes up in mind, why privacy really matters most? Sometimes legal people and commentators analyze pros and cons of privacy to articulate why privacy is one of the most important things in all spheres of our lives? Because they most of the time see privacy or secure information sharing or privacy violations as sometimes slight annoyances. But it is true that privacy or security matters most than that. Here, in this blog, we will tell you ten reasons why security and privacy matter most while doing social activities.

Here are the ten reasons:

  • Limit on the power  Security of privacy governs the powers of the users. The more you know about your using capacity via social media, the more you will be free from worries of data fudging and misuse. Whereas privacy matters the government and security of data use matters in private sectors as well.
  • Respects for individuals  Privacy and security over your data sharing via social media platforms not only make you ensure your safety of using and sharing data or information of various forms but also respect your individualism. It is the site owner of the enterprise of the websites who secure the data over the users.
  • Online reputation management  The more you secure using and sharing your data online the more you will have the online presence. This is not only true for users but also for the companies who give authority to their users to use their platforms and share their data or information with others. A secure data server of a social media platform ensures online reputation management.
  • Maintaining proper social limits  You are using data or information via different forms through different social media channels without any hesitation, because you know the platform and you have trust on it, but if you do not know you should maintain the proper social limits.
  • Reliability or trustworthiness  The more security and privacy you have on the users over a social media platform the more reliability and trustworthiness will be on the social media activities.
  • Control over peoples life at various social media  Security issues can break the control over people’s life at social media and the activities would be unsafe.
  • Freedom of speech as well as thoughts via social platforms  Your security is the reason where you share your information in spite of having your freedom of speech and thoughts.
  • Freedom of political as well as social activities via social platforms  Through a social media channel or platform people share many things that are related to social and political, therefore, total security ensures the privacy of the data.
  • Ability to change the comments & views and must have second chances  Like Facebook, there should be ways to change the views and comments and hide the sharing in social media platforms during social activities to ensure friendly and secure access.
  • Not having to justify individual himself or herself  You cannot justify one’s comments of shared information if you are not sure or your data is not secure on a social media platform. Therefore, to make it secure and private you need to have the option to choose whom to share and why to share the information securely and privately if possible.

These are some of the most crucial reasons that show why need security or privacy while doing social activities on social media platforms. Here, we have given privacy or security reasons that are in question in all forums, blogs and online and offline channels, because of various reasons, one of the most important reasons behind it is – when you are sharing information or date with others what do you think while sharing and where are they going. Yes, you are going via social media but whether they are maintaining your privacy and make sure you are secure enough while sharing your important and sometimes secret messages.

Privacy Issue in Social Media and Networking

Given the rapid rising in popularity of various social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few, it is a little surprising that there have been countless high profile security-breaches on sites, two are Facebook as well as MySpace. It is roughly estimated that more or less 360 million members combined got damaged their information and data in large numbers. The reasons behind it are to know or to understand the security or privacy things while doing social activities that help you deal with the breaches and know to protect yourself.

The difference between privacy and security

When it comes to privacy and security issues, most of the users do not know why and what are the reasons behind it. Only they know this or that is called privacy and this or that is called security. Yes, some users know who go through the privacy and security parts as a whole and obey the rules. Experts believe that privacy and security in social activities are two different sides of a coin, though both are important but have their own perspectives. If a person obeys and agree to the privacy he or she can access the site, but if the security reason is there a company blocks the access of the user. This is for the goodness of the users only and only for the user’s sake.

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