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Optimize your images for SEO

Why images important in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process for improving the website search engine ranking and for grabbing more traffic.  Without SEO you cannot show your website in any result and your website is drowned in the sea with all website who serving same products and same service. When the people start “SEO” they prefer content, backlink, and traffic they totally forget the importance of images. The images play vital role Google can easily understand your website. So your images show in Google images section and help to attract more traffic to your website. So whenever you can go to start SEO for your website. Think once if you can make an e-commerce website and you cannot use images on the site. So how customers can understand which thing you are selling. So you need to use images on your site because the image is the most important part of your site.

Basics point of SEO

All point of SEO helps you in improve your site visibility in search engine. And increase the traffic to your site

Domain name: purchase the relevant unique domain name and which easy to read. Google can easily understand your website.

Keyword research: find all the particular keywords which people use in finding your website related service. You can use all the variation of the keyword in your content, page title, etc.

URL optimization: optimize your URL with keyword don’t use default URL.

SMM: social media marketing is must increase website reach share your unique idea with the wide audience.

External links or backlinks: create backlinks on another site which relevant and have high DA or PA. Share your content on another site.

Reviews & testimonial: positive reviews and testimonial of other people show site popularity.

What Importance of images in the website

As you know that all the things on the website you can post would completely optimize. But content and links are not enough images are also important. The image helps to make the website more attractive and user-friendly with images the user can easily understand the website. So if you want to win more traffic to your website so you must to post images.

 How to optimize images

Use targeted keyword in your images

Use the specific keyword in the image alt which helps you in easily identify your site. If you are targeting a specific city so keep mention in your title. When you offering particular service and products let’s take an example a local cloth store picture of storefront like concept clothes. Clothes in California Place it is your keyword so you can place this in image alt. And you want to follow one more thing please compress the size of images because if the size of images is large so its effect on website speed.

That’s all points you should be considered when you are going to start doing SEO. I hope it also helps you in optimize the image for SEO.

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