Important steps for planning a website

When you going to build a website so you need to make a perfect planning, analysis, research you’re your website. Building a website with any research or planning is like you are wasting your time you that time you need to smart work, not hard work. All the planning helps you in saving your time if you are a website designer so the steps help you for plan properly for your website and help in making strategy.

#1 set your motive and aim

What motive of your website you want to make an informative site and you want to an e-commerce website. It important to identify the motive of your website you also want to set your Goal. Like number visitors do you expect per week visit on your website? How many clicks you expect per day on your website. If you have an e-commerce website so set the target of sale you can expect from your website. To know the information about the performance of your website the analytics tool helps you like Google analytics or webmaster tools.

#2 make a budget

Whenever you going to start any business or website so you need to make the budget. So set a budget for your website. Website expense includes important things for the website like DomainWeb Hosting, web designing.

#3 hand over the roles

Hand over the roles to the team members like

Web developer

Content writer and editor

HTML/CSS professional

Web and graphic designer

Equality divides the work with all members according to experience and qualification. So every member can easily understand their individual work. It also saves the time and the work would be done with perfection.

#4 make a content strategy

Its important part you need to make a strategy what kind of content display on which page of the website. Because content is the important part of the website its help to the visitor in know information about website Content strategy it includes in:

Pictures (gallery)

Blog posts


Content is a way of representing your website. If your company doesn’t have a content writer so hire an experienced professional writer.

#5 create structure of your website

You need to decide what pages and features do want in the website. Like the entire website have some common feature like contact us, about us page etc. So you can design the structure of website according to the need of website owner.

#6 important part of designing

Some basic points which you should keep in your mind during making a website. A good website has easy usability and beautiful look and feel.

Make website user-friendly so the user can easily understand the navigation. And easily find which information they want to create a menu on top of the page.

Choose a perfect font size and color so the user can easily read all the information.

Keep the file wait light so the site loads quickly.

Make sure your site would be also responsive to the website easily visible to all mobile users.

I hope all the step help you for planning a website.

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