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What importance of SEO on your website?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is becoming an important part of the website. When you start your website you need to optimize your website page for particular keywords. Without optimization, your website cannot get the success. There a two main keys of SEO (on page) and (off page). When you are doing some change on your website it’s an on-page SEO and when you create your backlinks on another website it’s an off page SEO. Backlink help to Increase your website popularity and Google comes on your website through the links. SEO is all about unique and fresh you have a unique idea so are able to get on the top in Google rank. Know the importance of SEO for your website with HostGator coupon place


importance of SEO on your website

How to optimize website page

When you start doing SEO so first, you need to proper analysis of your competitors and research of keywords related to your field and place the keywords in your website pages properly. Let’s take an example if you have a photography website and you want to place keywords. So the best place where you can put your main targeted keywords so first place keywords in the title of the page, then the description and on the page. The second part which you consider is content as you know that in 2013 Google algorithms in Hummingbird. They banned the duplicate content so make sure your content is must be unique and fresh. And please maintain the keyword density in your content and on the page of the website. The third part would need to follow in off page make backlinks on the high-quality relevant website. And the fourth part is making your website Google friendly. So that when the Google come to crawl your website they easily understand your website and what you’re offering which keyword you are targeting.

importance of SEO on your website

How to build quality backlinks

As you know that now link building scenario is changed now you want to do link earning. Many types of you can make your quality link.

The first is the popular way is guest blog posting in which you want confess other website owners to post content and when they give approval you can send your high-quality content. They post the content on the website and then you can earn the quality link.

Video submissions you can submit your video on other website and you can show in video related your website and get a high-quality backlink.

The important point which necessary for the website is ORM (online reputation management)

Does hosting is affects ranking in SEO

Yes, Hosting is also one of the important parts of the website. Hosting is mainly affecting on website loading speed when your website takes more loading time so the user can go back which increase your bounce rate. It’s also a negative effect on website ranking so when you are going to buying web hosting. So consider following points like Data Center Locations, disk space, your company have a reputation and give powerful server which gives the best speed.

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