How to set up an Email account on Hostgator?

If you are a HostGator user and want to learn how to set up and email account on Hostgator then you are on the right platform. The tutorial is aimed for all the beginners who want to start with the Hostgator. Appy the easy steps and set up an email account on the Hostgator.

Steps to set up Hostgator Email Account

You have to follow some steps to configure the Hostgator Email Account. With these steps, you can easily create your email account on the Hostgator to use the services fo Hostgator. So the steps are:-

  1. Login to Hostgator Cpanel AccountHostgator Email Account Login
  2. Once you login locate the Email section and click on the email accountsHostgator Email Account
  3. After that fill up all the details:-Hostgator Email Account Detail
  • Select the Domain Name
  • Enter the desired password in the Passwords field twice.
  • Select The mailbox Quota size
  • Then click Create Account

Congratulation your email account has been created safely. The steps are easy to use so create your Hostgator Email account. Use the services of Hostgator and create your email account on it. Get the services of Hostgator with the all benefits of its and get all the information on your account.

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Verdict: Email account on Hostgator

With the help of the all above-mentioned steps, you can easily create your account on the Hostgator platform. This tutorial will helpful for all the beginners. So go with the mentioned steps and create Hostgator email id and get connected with your users and Hostgator with this mail. All the required and essential information will be sent to you via this mail id. So get the services of Hostgator and create your Hostgator email with the easy to set up an email account on Hostgator.

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