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There are so many leading brands of the different niche who have been performing outstandingly in Search Engine. However, when it comes to social media you will find them the great failure as they are unable to turn any conversions from social media. One of the live examples is Alligator Logo Design Services provider; you won’t find there any kind of existence in Social Media but they are dominating when it comes to organic achievements.

Considering the brands like the one mentioned above. Here are some of the amazing tips to do advertisement on Facebook. Let’s go with it!

  1. Creativity and design: For the ad to retain users while they are browsing their Facebook wall, it has to be impressive, to attract attention. To do this, use a striking image to capture the user’s attention. Do not forget to communicate something with the photograph, be it an offer or simply the service or product that you offer, it must be very clear what you offer. But do not miss the text either! Facebook only admits that the text occupies 20% of the space of the image.
  2. Attractive and hooked copy: Do not forget that on Facebook people are to escape and have fun, forget the formalities in your message. It has to create a need and at the same time not be boring.
  3. Use Emojis: Yes! Increase the user’s attention by inserting different emojis.
  4. Avoid spelling mistakes: It may seem obvious but often rush to betray us and we can make mistakes. Check the spelling of your texts always before publishing them, since spelling mistakes will not benefit the image of the product you offer.
  5. Appropriate format: Use the ad format that best suits the user you are going to focus on. If your user is a user who consumes a lot of videos, use this format. On Facebook you have different ad formats:

Video: if your user needs to see what your product can do, or your service needs to be displayed in this format, use it.

Image: It is the most popular and never fails. You can use it for both mobile and computer and tablet. It is highly recommended initially if you do not know much about your user.

Full-screen experience: Use it if you want to tell a story, describe all the features of your product and you need more than one photo. You can enter text, images, videos and even product links.

Collection (mobile only): If your user is mobile and you have an e-commerce this is the most indicated. The last ad format that Facebook has launched. It offers you the possibility of having a landscape image and a product carousel.

The last tip to make the best ads on Facebook Ads is, that you experience. Try new things every day, implement changes and see if they work better or worse.

And for you? What are the best tips to make an announcement on Facebook?

Mordan Sean:

The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing Solutions a leading Custom Logo Design Services provider in the United States.

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