What is HostGator & who owns it?

Do you know what HostGator is & who owns it? If not then you don’t have to worry about this. Because in this article I’ll mention all the details.

HostGator is one of the best and trusted Webhosting provider company. Its headquarter located in Houston and Austin, Texas, USA. HostGator offers all the products required to make a website. HostGator is an offer global brand that provides Domain, Webhosting and other web-related services to its customers.

Who Owns HostGator?

hostgator web hosting

Brent Oxley founded a company on October 22, 2002, that is known as HostGator. 

HostGator had 112 active customers after three months of domain registration (February 1st,2003). After one year of the same date, HostGator achieves 1,031 active customers. From that time HostGator growing very fast and now count in the top listed hosting provider company worldwide.

June 29, 2006, HostGator open his first international office in Toronto (Canada). After that, HostGator moved to a 25,000 square foot building in Houston, Texas. Forty of the fifty Florida employees made the move to Texas, where HostGator has remained ever since.

In 2007 the HostGator open an office in Brazil, and after that Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, is our first South of the equator office! its increase there reaches the international level. HostGator reach 200,000 active customers in 2009 and it has over 500 employees, HostGator have never stopped hiring since. In 2011 HostGator had received our 5,000,000th LiveChat and its global reach language offerings to our china and Russia customers. Now, HostGator is a powerful web hosting provider at an international level.

Why choose HostGator?

Hostgator Website Builder

HostGator is counted in the list of top 10 trusted web hosting provider universal. It gives 24*7*365 best user support to its customers. HostGator provides many features that are very useful for the website owner. Here are some of them as following:

  • 99% Uptime

Uptime means a website is available for visitors every time. HostGator gives a guarantee to provides 99.9% uptime for a website so a website won’t lose any visitor.

  • Affordable price

HostGator web hosting plans start with just $2.75/mo*.  It gives you a chance to build your website at the economic rate with the features.

  • Money-back guarantee

Hostgator is the Risk-free and reliable hosting provider in the market. If you are facing any problem regarding hosting and HostGator customer supports are unable to resolves. Then your money will be refunded in 45 working days.

  • Cpanel compatibility

Hostgator gives you the latest Cpanel feature to control your website. Hostgator Cpanel helps to add and remove multiple domains. You can manage your website backup, mail account, database, with the help of Cpanel.

  • Free domain

Hostgator gives the free domain to a new customer for one year. It saves your time and money approximately $15 of the domain. So, it is a great option to get hosting and a free domain for your website at an affordable rate.

  • Special discount coupons

Hostgator gives you special discount coupons. You can use the HostGator coupon code while purchase a web hosting plan and save you more money.  The HostGator provides up to 75% discount to its customers.

What services do HostGator offer?

Hostgator Domain Name

It is used for buying the HostGator Web hosting service, domain, and many related products to make a responsive website. If you don’t know what is they so I describe it in short.

1.       Domain Name For Your Websites

A domain name is a text-based label that is easier to memorize than the numerical addresses that can be used in internet protocols. People can search and access information online with the help of a domain name like www.example.com. WebCrawler read domain and show the specific result in SERP. Domain names are used to establish a unique identity in the internet protocol.

2.      Best Hosting For Website

Web hosting is simply a server that provides web space to your website where your website data and information have been stored. Without web hosting, people are not able to access your website. Web hosting is the main part to build a website. In Webhosting, you get many features for your website like Disk space, bandwidth, Uptime, etc that is important for your website. There are many types of HostGator Webhosting which are as following

  • Shared Web Hosting Plans

Shared web hosting is one of the best hosting plans for beginners. A shared web hosting is a type of hosting where multiple websites are hosted in a single server. HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plan starts at just  $2.75/mo*.

  • VPS (virtual private server)

VPS hosting is the ideal balance of price and strength for a decent traffic website. This one is best for startup and small business websites. HostGator VPS hosting plan offers you more power, stability, and flexibility to your website compare to normal hosting like shared and WordPress. HostGator VPS Hosting Plan starts at just $29.95/mo*.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is one of the best web hosting plans for E-commerce websites and big business websites. It is costly according to other hosting plans. HostGator dedicated web hosting plan starts at just $188.99/mo*.

  • Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting takes the use of resources of virtual clustered servers. Your website uses more than one virtual server so the balance is maintained so does security. The HostGator Cloud Web Hosting Plan starts at just $4.95/mo*.

  • Reseller Web Hosting

In Reseller hosting a company or individual purchase hosting from a hosting provider. Then they act as a hosting provider as sell hosting to there clients. It’s a very big opportunity to earn more money as a full time or part-time work. You can sell the hosting and also create personal space for your website. The HostGator Reseller Webhosting plan starts at just $19.95/mo*.

  • WordPress Web Hosting

Hostgator Services

WordPress web hosting is one of the best hostings for those who want to create a WordPress website. In WordPress hosting, you get pre-installed WordPress in your hosting package. it gives you a platform where anyone can build a website without any need of an expert. You get full access to theme, plugin support, and customer support to your WordPress site. HostGator WordPress Web Hosting Plan starts at just $5.95/mo*

3.      HostGator Website Builder for website

A website builder is a special tool that can help to design your website. you can use this tool to build your website very easy with the help of drag and drop features. You make your website attractive and mobile-friendly. Able to choose thousands of templates for your website. website builder tool is the best tool for beginners and small businesses to start your website without requiring a web developer. You can also use the HostGator website builder.

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Does HostGator charge monthly?

Yes, HostGator is charge monthly as well as annual. You can pay as you are comfortable but if you pay annual so, you can save more money.

Is HostGator secure?

All Hostgator web hosting plan included a free SSL certificate to secure your website. You get a Free SSL certificate for one year.

How many websites can I host on HostGator?

Hostgator gives resources, There is no way to determine the number of websites you can host on one web hosting plan. You can start one to unlimited websites after buying the HostGator web hosting plan.

Where is HostGator’s office?

HostGator is headquarter located in Houston and Austin, Texas. Hostgator has many several international offices across the globe.


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