Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting Review 2020

In simple Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting can be considered as an updated version of Hostgator shared web hosting plans, which give you more stability and speed in comparison to other shared plans. So by selecting Hostgator cloud web hosting plans, you will not need to compromise with the quality and speed of your website. Because of free site migration and friendly customer support, this Webhosting can be considered as best for beginner and experienced website Runner. Hostgator cloud web hosting comes with impressive features that are enough to make your site migrated to this one.

 Impressive Pros of Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting comes with many great features that are better than any other web hosting plan. So let’s discuss what they are in brief. So that you can compare Hostgator cloud web hosting with other web hosting plans offered by the Hostgator.

  1. Strongest Uptime: – Just like other Supreme features in the Hostgator cloud web hosting you will get the strongest uptime ever. After monitoring the performance of HostGator cloud Webhosting we can rate them 100% server uptime network. This feature is enough to make your impress and providing you the success which you want in your online field.
  2. Page loading speed: – this feature is directly connected with your Website SEO because the fast your page will load the fast your revenue will increase. As speed is one of the important factors for SEO and if you want to achieve the maximum speed over your expectation then just go with Hostgator cloud Webhosting. Undoubtedly HostGator cloud web hosting service you up to 5 times better speed then it’s shared web hosting plans. And this page load speed is enough to make your rank above your competitors.HostGator Cloud Hosting Review
  3. Prices: – prices are the only factor that keeps people still on a shared web hosting plan instead of upgrading to cloud Webhosting. Because cloud web hosting can be costly for most of the people who are stuck at shared Webhosting. But still, the services you get by paying little high prices is just superb and mind-blowing.
  4. User-friendly hosting: – every user especially beginner must need this option to start their website without stuck in any trouble. So selecting Hostgator cloud Webhosting can be beneficial for you because it offer you user-friendly options and features. This option makes your work done easily and troubles free.
  5. Free resource management, site monitoring & site migration: – with selecting Hostgator cloud web hosting you will get a lot of free tools for migrating your site and monitoring it. This really makes your work more simple and easy. Plus Hostgator is always available to make you free from your problems and giving you all the time support, which we will discuss in another point.
  6. Impressive customer support: – Another best thing which you can consider in HostGator cloud Web hosting that they are 24/7/365 available for their customers. Even you can contact them through live chat support, email & phone call. You can ask any question which makes your work disturbed anytime.

Cons of Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Just like other hosting plans, HostGator cloud hosting also has some cons which make it worst from shared web hosting plans.

  1. High price and super high renewal rates: – as we discussed earlier the price may look high for budget-restricted people. So selected Hostgator can never be a good option for those who have budget problems. Because they can’t afford the renewal cost of Hostgator cloud hosting.
  2. You have to pay later: – another worst thing which we can consider in HostGator cloud Web hosting is that there is some kind of services which you get for free initially but later you have to pay for it.

In the end, we still recommended our readers to select Hostgator cloud Webhosting for experiencing the best hosting service for their website.

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