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Five things you should know about Machine Learning in SEO

Machine Learning in SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a phenomenon in which quality and quantity of traffic are increased on the website. It also helps in increasing the rankings of the websites in search engines.

This is the reason why brands are going after SEO to improve ranking and reaching target customers.

Before doing SEO some points should be taken into consideration. For example:

-You are advised to provide genuine content for your website. If you are running a saloon but people come to your website because Google thinks that you are a hardware equipment dealer, then this is no a quality traffic.

– Generate organic traffic. Organic traffic is a traffic which is free of cost and is generated because of good SEO.

– Add content to the website that is relevant so that that quantity of traffic also gets increased.

Getting familiar with the concept of SEO let us discuss 5 things that you should know about machine learning in SEO.

  1. Getting exact suggestions on searches

 We search a lot of things on the search engines- sometimes meaningful, sometimes idiotic. Machine Learning helps in giving the user the exact suggestions about what he wants. This can be done by analyzing the past searches, gender, the location of the consumer.

This reduces the guesswork to a great extent and provides exact and to the point result to the user. Also, the websites with good and relevant content get the good amount of traffic.

  1. Machine Learning in Content SEO

 Machine Learning as a service has helped the search engines in making the content SEO better. Through machine learning, Google can understand better about the content and provide best results for the user. This enhances user experience as users don’t have to linger here and there for best search results.

This also implies that the content we add to the website should be relevant. A good content will get you good quality traffic. Google’s Rank Brain is a game changer in digital marketing SEO.As it can interpret your searches and providing results that contain category, domain or properties of your search results.

  1. Leading the user through the search

 Let us take an example that you want to color your hair. Your search on google for hair coloring. The google provides you results about various hair coloring product, trending hair color in a market, best products in hair coloring etc.

So the user gets the content that he was looking for. In the next few days, he makes up his mind to go and color his hair. In the same content that user was looking for contains information about nearest saloons, best saloons in the market, compare prices among various saloons etc.

In this way, a user is guided to in his search from the beginning till the end. This helps in enabling a good user experience.

  1. Getting help from structured data

 In any type of marketing data is the crux. Same is the case with the digital marketing. But the data collected can be of two types. Structured and unstructured. As compared to unstructured data, structured data is more relevant. A machine Learning application helps in converting unstructured data to structured data.

Structured data helps in indexing data that makes it easier for search engines to find appropriate results. It also helps in improving the click-through rate. High click-through rate is an indication your content is getting famous.

So machine learning as a service has helped in creating structured data that in turn helps in building organic traffic and improving Click Through Rate.

  1. Improving user experience

 A good user experience is of utmost importance. This is because the end user is the main factor for whom who are creating and developing SEO and content. So you would like to improve user experience that in turn will reward you by getting quality traffic.

One important factor in user experience is the load time of the website. Machine learning applications have helped in reducing the load time of the websites to a great extent.

Imagine user opens your website and the homepage takes forever to load. The user will not wait for that too long. They will search for other results without giving a second thought. This badly affects your sales and customer relations. This further declines traffic rate and visibility of your website.


 In the end, we can say that machine learning has a huge impact on the SEO and digital marketing.

Machine Learning as a service has helped SEO in a lot of ways. Like improving user experience, data processing, providing good search results etc. So SEO community is advised to adapt to new changes in the technology. They should not limit themselves to the traditional techniques and tactics.

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