What is Domain Name & How to choose it?

When you are a beginner and want to launch your website on the internet. The first thing which you hear is the domain name for your website. In the beginners’ mind, it creates lots of chaos. What is a domain name, how it works, what are the best domain names to buy? Etc. These are the questions that many times asked by newcomers. We are going to answer these questions.

What is domain name & How it works?

It is the identity of a website through which the user recognizes any website on the internet. It is the name or address of the website through which visitor comes to your website by putting the domain name in the search bar. In simple, by putting this on the search bar the user can land on the exact website or page where he wants to. It helps the user to find websites and web pages easily.

How it works.

When anyone enters domain name on search browser. It gets transferred to a global network of servers that creates the domain name system(DNS). After getting request these servers find the name server linked with the domain and sends a query to name servers. Now web server brings the web pages and data linked with the page.

Types of the Domain Name

Domain Name Features

 There are several varieties of domains with different domain name prices. Like, .com, .in, .org, .net and many more but .com is the most popular among them and it is often suggested.

Let’s discuss several types of domain names in detail.

Top-level domain – TLD

The last section of the domain name connected just after the dot symbol is called the top-level domain. TLDs are categories into 2 parts. Generic TLD and country-specific TLDs.  Examples of some famous TLDs, .com, .org, .net.

Country-code top-level domain – ccTLD

Country-code top-level domain specifically denotes a country. Which ends with country name. ccTLD mainly for websites to operate in that particular country. Example. .uk,(united kingdom), .in ( India), .de(Germany).

Sponsored top-level domain – stld

It is the type of TLD that represents the organizations with the same purpose. Eg. .edu( educational organizations), .gov(for government-related) etc.

Purpose of  domain name

A domain name made for identifying the address of any website. And the user can easily find the data and website that he wants. It is easy to remember, unlike numerical addresses. The purpose of the domain name is to give information about the website and data present on the internet. It separates you from the crowd. So it is also important to decide a good domain name to buy.

How much does a domain name cost?

The cost of a domain name is an important factor for every website owner. There are two options either you register a new domain or take one that already registered.  The new domain cost starts from $10-20/year. And the price of the old registered domain depends on the popularity of the domain. It can be more expensive sometimes. So there are providers who provide cheap domain. But it depends on the type of domain name.

How to Buy a Domain?

How TO Choose A Domain Name

Buying a domain is the first step to setting up your business online. Nowadays it became quite easy to buy it.  For buying a domain name you have to check the availability of your domain name. Do the payments and register your domain. But for beginners, it can be a little difficult. So these are some steps to follow while buying a domain.

  • Research for it.
  • Make it unique & memorable.
  • Try to get .com if possible
  • Choose well-known & established domain name providers.
  • Check trademark pieces of information.
  • Do not use numbers and hyphens.
  • It should be future proof

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