Push Notifications Services

Push Notifications Services are now available to Publishers

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Digital Media The word ‘digital’ is closely associated with computers. Digital can mean anything from e-books to the games that are being played on the web. Web masters, web entrepreneurs and audiences acquaint themselves with news, trends, surveys, videos and photos by using digital media. Newspapers, e-books, magazines, documents etc., come under the ambit of […]

Best Practices for Document Security in SMEs

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Whether you’re dealing with paper-based or digital documents, you need to ensure that your documents are handled carefully and securely. In the case of paper-based documents, you are probably taking great care to secure and archive them, for example, sorting, filing, and locking them in appropriate cabinets. But, what happens when you work with transition […]

emerging technology

Which Emerging Technologies Could Be Helpful In Business Expansion

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Use of technology in business these days is a growing necessity. It has given companies a new shape and an efficient way of working. Emerging technologies are helping business units in expanding and improving there working systems. These technologies are not only affordable by the large business owners, but the small enterprises can also easily […]