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Why backlinks are important for increasing the website ranking

If you want to get on the top in search results for your particular keyword. So you must create backlinks. The entire website owner wants their website in the top 10 results but the limited website can get this position. Because Google and other search engines frequently change their algorithms. If you want seems to be rank on the top in search engine. So it’s necessary to fitter your SEO technique according to algorithms.

If you want to improve your website online visibility so search engine optimization important. It’s processed in which you can optimize your web page for particular Keyword or a group of keywords. To improve your rank and visibility SEO (search engine optimization) is the organic, natural process or unpaid results. Many factors which help to get top rank in search engine and win more relevant website traffic. The main factor are keywords, content Meta tags, interlinks and backlinks all the factor are important which you consider in your website.

What are backlinks?

When you create the link to another related website it’s called backlinks. But know Google can change this scenario because a few years ago people create the irrelevant link in bulk. So Google Change the link building strategy in the algorithm penguin now Google said in the update. Please create the backlink on the relevant website. When Google comes to your website through your backlink so its help you in increasing your popularity.

How to Google give consequence to relevant backlinks

If you create backlinks on relevant, high authority website so Google gives more preference to you. And all the high-quality links help you in getting on the top Google search results. For example, if you have food recipe blog so you can create your backlink on cooking institute website. Do not create cooking blog link on the photography website and or spam site. And do not purchase link from other website do not think that 100 paid link can improve your (SERP) ranking. So do your effort in create backlinks on related and high authority sites.

How to create relevant backlinks

#1 Use social media platform for sharing your unique and fresh content. Which attract the customer to click and come to your website to getting more information about your Blogs. So always update your content on all social media platform. With the help of social media, you can get more traffic on the website.

#2 Post your quality content on other related websites as the guest.

#3 Use Q&A site like Quora you can also write comments on related blogs and share your point which author missed on the blog etc. It also helps you in getting more traffic and top ranking in search results.

 Using the right backlink strategy always helps you in getting to the top.


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